Now that I work from home officially, I find myself needing to use a lot of these abbreviations as I’m always in a hurry. Most of these I use during real-time chat. These are one that I deem important and relevant that can be used in the professional industry.

1 – NRN – No Reply Necessary

2 – HTH – Hope that helps

3 – GL – Good luck

4 – GJ – Good job

5 – TLDR – Too long didn’t read

6 – TLTR – Too long to read

7 – LMK – Let me know

8 – LGTM – Looks good to me

9 – IMO – in my opinion

10 – BTW – By the way

11 – FWIW – For what it’s worth

12 – FYSA – For your situational awareness

13 – FYFG – For your future guidance

14 – FYG – For your guidance

15 – PFA – Please find the attachment


I’ll probably add more later to this list as I come across them. Feel free to ask any questions below if you need clarification on one of them or if you have something to add!



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