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How to Blur your Camera on Focusmate

Thanks to my friend and colleague, Liliana, she invited me to try focusmate. It changed the way I work, as I sometimes can get distracted by all the interesting information available online. What is Focusmate? Focusmate is a service that helps people with accountability and procrastination. The service works by letting you book a 50-minute […]

How to find a Facebook Post’s URL

If you’re a part of some influencer campaigns, you might need to post on Facebook using your page or social media profile. After doing this, the company might request for you to submit the URL of that post. But how do you get the Facebook post URL? Facebook has become cluttered with all the Ads, […]

How to figure out your IP Address

Your IP address is basically the address of your computer/router. IP stands for internet protocol and its format is usually a string of numbers and letters. An IP address is used whenever a computer is connected to the internet so that the web knows where to transfer the information to. It’s basically similar to your […]

How I Organize my Evernote

I have plenty of Evernote notes that I need to organize in my daily life. I also own a windows computer, the latest iPad, and iPhone. I clip articles with ranges of different topics such as digital marketing to WordPress. I get articles from Feedly, or I use the regular Evernote clipper chrome extension. I’ve […]

How to download subtitles from Youtube

If you can’t wait for a youtube video because it’s too long and boring, you can download the subtitles.  Maybe you can just find what you’re looking for by pressing the CTRL + F key since it’s easier. I find myself doing that a lot. Here are the steps on how to do it! 🙂 […]

Should you publish an income report?

Some bloggers post their income reports online. Does that give you a moment’s pause? Why would they do that? What is an income report and should I be posting one as well? Monthly income reports can be a point of contention in the blogging world. Some people are fervently against EVER sharing their income reports, […]