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How the Philippines is Handling COVID-19

I’ve been here for a few months already and whenever I talk to folks online I always am asked, “So, how is the Philippines handling the pandemic?”. I think the I live in the Subic Bay area so I can only speak for what I see. There are a lot of Americans where I’m at […]

Business Facts about the Philippines Compared to the US

As I found myself visiting the Philippines to take care of family and business matters, I can’t help but notice how businesses run over here. My ruminating thoughts are what led me to post this. The points below are not in any order whatsoever. December 2019 – January 2020   Not all businesses give the […]

The importance of email abbreviations

Now that I work from home officially, I find myself needing to use a lot of these abbreviations as I’m always in a hurry. Most of these I use during real-time chat. These are one that I deem important and relevant that can be used in the professional industry. 1 – NRN – No Reply […]

How to Blur your Camera on Focusmate

Thanks to my friend and colleague, Liliana, she invited me to try focusmate. It changed the way I work, as I sometimes can get distracted by all the interesting information available online. What is Focusmate? Focusmate is a service that helps people with accountability and procrastination. The service works by letting you book a 50-minute […]

Learning – one of my weaknesses

Would you say that a thirst for knowledge is a weakness? Most people say it’s a strength. It’s quite different for me. There’s an abundant amount of information on the web that’s accessible to anyone who searches them. I clip articles using Evernote and forget to read them. I assign a tag to read them, […]

How to find a Facebook Post’s URL

If you’re a part of some influencer campaigns, you might need to post on Facebook using your page or social media profile. After doing this, the company might request for you to submit the URL of that post. But how do you get the Facebook post URL? Facebook has become cluttered with all the Ads, […]