Would you say that a thirst for knowledge is a weakness? Most people say it’s a strength. It’s quite different for me.

There’s an abundant amount of information on the web that’s accessible to anyone who searches them.

I clip articles using Evernote and forget to read them. I assign a tag to read them, but I don’t set aside a day to do them.

I’m following so many feeds on Feedly, and I don’t necessarily read all of them.

This is when prioritization comes in.

I made it a point every night to check my Feedly and Evernote. So far, I have more than whooping eight thousand notes, and it needs to change. I need to consolidate my marketing notebook.

My organize notebook went down from 250 notes to 35.

I unfollowed people on Youtube.

I unfollowed blogs on Feedly.

There are so many projects that need to get done and are more critical. Sometimes documentation takes so much time, but when you need to show your work and its results, will you have time to learn more about what’s happening in your field?

Balance is key.


Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels