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Your IP address is basically the address of your computer/router. IP stands for internet protocol and its format is usually a string of numbers and letters. An IP address is used whenever a computer is connected to the internet so that the web knows where to transfer the information to. It’s basically similar to your home address. Currently, there are two versions: IPv4 and IPv6. To put it into simple terms, IPv4 is a lot shorter than IPv6. Since more and more computers are being bought and used, IPv6 is preferred because it is newer technology.

Now we may need to get our IP address for numerous reasons. Below are the steps on how you can do that.


Option 1: Google it.

Simply typing “What is my IP address” in the google search bar will give you an answer. It will look something like this:

ip address google

The example above shows an IP in IPv6.


Option 2: What’s my IP address website

Go to http://whatismyipaddress.com, and it will automatically load your IP address in both IPv4 and IPv6 format. It will look something like this:

whats my ip address


The site has some ads for it, and that’s because this service is free. This information will be in the middle of the page so don’t miss it. There are many other websites out there that can show you what your IP address is. I just showed two popular ways.

There you have it, the steps on how to obtain your IP address. Mind you, IP address changes so don’t tattoo this on your arm. A simple reboot of your router can change this, or you can call your internet service provider (ISP) to change it for you. If this tutorial helped, leave a comment a below!