As my venture continues in search of productive applications, I’ve come to notice that some applications and software once had a lifetime subscription.

These products now become even better with the newest features, updated websites, and better support.

What does better support mean? It means that they have Intercom. I checked Intercom’s website and their prices are hefty. Who can afford these? Businesses who are moving forward, fast.

This is the time I wished that I had bought the software or application. I, myself, cannot resist such offers. Never have to pay for the product for the rest of your life? Swell!

As my thumbs got itchy, Google became my best friend in the next 3 hours. I searched far for applications. I searched Capterra and

I came to find Appsumo (which I previously did not trust because of it’s unbelievable deals), Stack Social and the next web deals. Stacksocial and the next web is very similar to each other. They are both made from the same platform – Stackcommerce.

Hint of Caution

Not all of the deals on these sites are worthwhile. Be sure to do your research before you buy any of the deals on this website. Many companies take advantage of these sort of platforms to earn money.

What 3 hours turned into 2 days of raging search fest. I was very close to paying hundreds of dollars for apps but luckily, those funds were nonexistent.

I was quite skeptical with lifetime licenses as I’ve seen a handful of programs that were never updated or kept up with trending technologies.

My takeaway is that businesses are first taking off with a lifetime license with their product to get development funds and loyal consumers before eventually making their business more profitable. It’s a win-win situation for them.

As for me, I’ll be on the lookout for these type of deals. One of the greatest hints of well-worth product investment is by seeing their roadmap. Having this shows that the business has a plan to expand and better their product. This will tell you that they’re in it for the long run.

One of my favorite apps that I managed to get a lifetime license to is Day One. If you need a place to write all your secrets and memories that you think no one would care to read, this is the app I would recommend.