Hello, thank you for considering me in reviewing your product or service. ?

My love for electronics and services that help make people more self-sufficient has led me to write multiple reviews. I am always seeking new solutions every day. I am able to see the benefits or flaws that people may miss. I am available to advise or give ideas to businesses needing it.

I like to take real photos of the product or service. In my reviews, I show the product or service looks using a regular smartphone.

If you want me to review your product on Amazon, there are certain things that you need to know.

  • I cannot guarantee a perfect star review. If you stand behind your product with its quality and value then you have nothing to worry about. Amazon has forbidden biased reviews. I have experienced this myself. I was lucky to get unbanned when this happened to me.
  • I do not charge a fee for Amazon reviews. Although, products or services that are free will be given priority.
  • Please allow up to 3 weeks for the review.  I have a lot of people asking me to review their product so please be patient.

Still Interested?

If you agree with the above and would still like me to review your product or service please fill out the form below. I will respond within three days of receiving your request.?