management information systems

Management Information Systems

This post is for an assignment in my Management Information Systems class in Cal State – San Marcos.

How technology is part of my life

I have been a big fan of technology when I was young. I couldn’t wait to have a laptop once they started having computers.

I was in school when I saw a computer. The computer was in the library. Windows 95 was the first windows they had, and it was what I used.

It was one of those bulky computers. There were limited programs on there, and I don’t remember if Microsoft Office was one of them. I enjoyed looking through the applications on the computers such as calculator, command prompt, and minesweeper. They didn’t have pinball till the later systems, but I do remember spending a lot of time playing and it being my favorite game.

I used Microsoft office too. Didn’t see the potential of it.

I also remember seeing Microsoft Office 95. My mother used it a lot because she was a librarian. Back then Microsoft Office looked really plain and straightforward. I didn’t see the potential of it. Now I see the tremendous amount of work it’s able to achieve.

Early version of microsoft excel

Early version of Microsoft excel

Then, the internet was invented.

I was there when Google began to trend. There was a time when I would google something, and only a few pages of search results would appear. Going to the library and reading thousands of books was boring. Through one click of a button, you can find plenty of relevant information on a certain topic on Google.

2002 Version of Google

2002 Version of Google


When cell phones were invented, I was more than excited to have my very first phone. My mother bought a cell phone for work, and I would borrow it and put it in my pocket and pretend like it’s mine.

Of course, they started with screens with black and white and had a colored background. When the time came that colored text was invented, I’d search for ring tones and text alerts to pass the time. There were a few apps to download, but most of them were games. The games were boring and weren’t as good as Nintendo.

Now there are even too many applications to count.

Now there are even more applications out there that are too many to count. Applications and software grew exponentially. I tried my very best to keep track of all the applications I found, but they were just too many. Luckily there are websites out there that seek to keep track of such programs and software such as GetApp and Capterra.

GetApp website

GetApp website

The present

I find myself curious and searching for the newest kind of technology out there.

Within the last year, I have developed WordPress websites from scratch. Through these WordPress sites I also found a tool that could manage them. This tool is called Managewp. Managewp is a convenient tool that lets you automate tasks that are needed to maintain a WordPress website.

old managewp site

Old managewp site

Meddling with DNS and MySQL

Because I’ve managed WordPress websites, I had to learn to use DNS, MySQL, PHP admin and other supporting software. With enough tinkering, I’ve managed to break my own websites, erase databases, and reset email settings. I’ve always had a knack for breaking things. I’ve broken a few devices like computers, but I always get them up and running again.

Godaddy Cpanel

Godaddy Cpanel

What I expect

I plan to expand my knowledge learning more about creating websites and using other cloud platforms. Software and programs are continuously being updated that I am flabbergasted about the new features they have. For instance, I was recently introduced to SharePoint’s features this year. Things like that make a software or program worthwhile to its purpose. I’m eager to learn more about these features shortly.


thank you

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